The visual transformation led to astonishing results. Before the project,IGA Beck ’s fish counter was at the bottom of IGA’s profitability ranking. Six months later, the store was proud to announce that it had made it to the top of the list. Customers were enjoying their new shopping experience, employees reported feeling much prouder and sales increased between 30 and 35%.




Special care was required to ensure that the new look was in harmony with the store’s other departments and didn’t look out of place.

The store also wanted to enhance the performance of its employees and find a way of improving customer service. What better place to start than by improving the work environment?


So how did Chagall achieve all of this? Increased floor space not only made the fish department more visible, but it also allowed clients to comfortably make their way through the display.

Customers were also given a chance to gaze at a breathtaking virtual aquarium while shopping—now that’s a good example of experiential retail. Unlike conventional aquariums, the televised tanks didn’t require any troublesome upkeep. What’s more, the screens could be used as a promotional tool to showcase different fish species during different seasons.

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