Analysis / Engineering

Design / Prototyping

3D Simulation in Environment

Manufacturing / Installation

Chagall operates a specialized manufacture of architectural millwork and fixtures. Our creativity in design combined with our woodworking expertise enable us to offer a wide range of custom-made concepts, fixtures, displays and architectural decor created to meet your most specific needs.

Meticulously Designed for Excellence

Our versatile and smart solutions maximize the performance of commercial or mixed-use environments, while meeting various functionalities:

⦁ Produce table
⦁ Multifunctional display 
⦁ Wall fixtures and shelving system 
⦁ Self-checkout solution 
⦁ Pastry display case 
⦁ Bakery furniture 
⦁ Boutique collection 
⦁ Kitchen cupboard, cabinet, and vanity unit 
⦁ Equipment enhancement and cross-merchandising solutions 
⦁ Architectural decor 
⦁ Signage and accessories 

Tailor-made Designs

We offer a variety of decorative options and finishes while prioritizing the reliability and durability of our components:

  • Wood veneer and laminate
  • Metal
  • Corian
  • Glass
  • Acrylic

Our state-of-the-art machining equipment and manufacturing flexibility allow us to produce custom-made items from single to large scale roll-out production levels. 

Explore our 2023 Catalogue

Get inspired by our collection of specialized food retail fixtures! Check out our 2023 catalogue to discover a complete range of custom-made furniture developed and manufactured to offer the most effective merchandising solutions for all your store departments.

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Turnkey Millwork Projects

From design ideation and fabrication drawings to 3D realization, we meticulously develop your products using an optimal design and manufacturing process in order to offer unparalleled quality.








Operational Testing


Prototype Refinement


Final Testing




Delivery & Installation

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