Our skilled design team is here to help you envision and reinvent your space.

Commercial Design Excellence

We specialize in transforming commercial spaces into iconic destinations. Our designers use your specific business strategies, brand positioning, and experiential approaches to create captivating environments where every square inch is maximized, and every interaction creates a memorable impact.

Design & Build

From initial store concepts to large-scale roll-out, our comprehensive design & build services help your team through every step of your project, from beginning to end.
⦁ Space layout
⦁ Plans and specifications
⦁ Color and material selection
⦁ 3D renderings
⦁ Custom fixtures and decor
⦁ Integration of lighting, equipment, and technology

Experience the Art of Living

Chagall is committed to designing living spaces that invigorate senses and elevate the occupants' well-being, achieving the ideal harmony between personality, elegance, luxury, comfort, and originality.

⦁ New-build, renovation and expansion
⦁ Multi-unit properties
⦁ Mixed-use buildings
⦁ Senior housing
⦁ Private luxury homes

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