Dépanneur Beauséjour was thrilled to see that its new furniture and fixtures transformed the store’s image and made the shopping experience more pleasant for its customers. The cleverly-designed layout also led to a significant decrease in theft.

As hoped, female customers visited the convenience store more frequently and many mentioned that they enjoyed its new boutique feel. 

With Chagall’s help, Dépanneur Beauséjour managed to increase its sales by 29% and transactions by 8%.  




The convenience store’s impressive array of products meant that the shopping environment appeared somewhat cramped. Though the store layout needed a lot of work, care also had to be taken to ensure that the space remained harmonized, despite the multitude of products on offer.

Finally, the furniture was not that robust and some clients had accidently damaged it. This was embarrassing for the owner and costly for the business!


Chagall created and installed smart, robust furniture from the floor to the ceiling, which allowed the convenience store to get the most use out of the limited space available.

The space was also given a boutique feel, making it more appealing to women who, statistically, spend more. At the same time, this transformation helped the store stand out from its competitors. 

Next, the path taken by customers as they walk through the shop was strategically designed to reduce theft and boost sales. 

Finally, Chagall placed the cashier’s counters at an angle to ensure maximum visibility, outside and inside the store.

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