Chagall’s innovative installations meant that the store’s floor space increased by an impressive 50%. This made it far easier for customers to make their way around the shop and enjoy their new shopping experience.

La Boucherie du Marché’s new branding, created in partnership with Chagall, won them back some of their customers and even helped them gain new ones; so much so that the company’s turnover increased by approximately 15%.




Since the butcher’s shop remained closed for a considerable period, its regular clients had no choice but to shop elsewhere. It was therefore faced with the challenge of restoring its customers’ trust and interest in its brand.

To add to this, the shop had a long, narrow layout with a low ceiling, which made it look smaller than it actually was.


La Boucherie du Marché worked with Chagall to create a design for its branding and shop layout; everything from the wrapping paper to the logo was treated to a brand-new look.

The owner wanted to gain a competitive advantage over supermarkets by offering customers an impressive range of products. Chagall found a way of installing twice as many refrigerated counters as there were in the previous shop. The new butcher’s shop was also able to offer clients prepared meals thanks to a brand-new kitchen in the basement. 

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