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About Chagall DESIGN

It’s not about who we are… it is all about “What We Are”.

Our clients ask us to create harmonized, intelligent retail environments. Chagall’s team of experts (design – décor- fixtures – manufacturing – installation), transforms traditional retail footage into captivating spaces… that are optimized to increase efficiency and sales.

Our secret? Creating client-driven strategies that lead to the ultimate shopping experience using the latest trends in décor and fixture design.

New retail experiences start with YOU!

Over 7,500 projects completed in Canada

There’s one investment that supersedes all others after yourself: Your client.

When your customers journey through spaces created in partnership with Chagall, they spend more time in your store and they spend more.

Chagall Calgary

Western Canada’s service point provides customs clearance and storage for special materials and fixtures from our Asian partners.

Chagall Toronto

Right in the heart of the metropolis and in close proximity to many of the city’s corporate headquarters.

Chagall Montreal

It’s in this very office that the strategies and visual concepts that allow your clients to enjoy an extraordinary experience are developed.

Case study

Grocery store

Sales increase

Case study

Butcher’s Shop

More floor space

Case study


Sales increase

Case study

Convenience Store

Sales increase

Get your hands on a brand-new look & feel!

Share your story with us and we’ll find a solution to your problem. You’ll have a chance to get your hands on a brand-new look & feel for an area of your store.


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Product shelf design by Chagall Design

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Shelf design by Chagall Design / Étagère créer par Chagall Design

Manufacturing expertise

Our fixtures are the perfect solution to showcase and merchandise your products, combining meticulous engineering and esthetics with practical functionality.

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Product table design by Chagall Design
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